• How is this course different from all the others?

    First, expertise. The lead instructor, Philip, has sat the test himself and scored a 780. He has taught hundreds of students to pass the test and get into fantastic business schools. The videos are not hundreds of hours of boring theory - all they are focused on is boosting your GMAT Quantitative score as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Second, efficiency. The course is more concise than almost any other on GMAT Quant. We know that you are busy and don't have the patience for hundreds of unnecessary add-ons. It is possible to complete the entire video series within one week.

    Third, economy. The entire cost of the course is not only less than almost any other out there, it is less than the typical cost of one hour's tuition in the GMAT. And for that investment you are getting almost 24 hours worth of the world's best help.

  • How does it work?

    It's very simple. Just choose the level of videos you want to start watching at (corresponding to a GMAT score of 300 to 650) and work your way through the videos! Your progress will be tracked and highlighted on the student dashboard.

  • Should I try the questions first?

    Feel free to pause the video at the start to attempt the question yourself before proceeding to the explanation, if required.

  • Are the questions from the official guide?

    No. The questions featured in the videos are all brand new - but are identical to the types of questions you will see in the GMAT. They are our best guess of what will come up, having analysed over 4000 Quant questions from official guides and other providers. You won't have seen the questions anywhere else - they are exclusive to GMAT Tricks.

  • What score improvement should I expect?

    Score guarantees are for used car salesmen. Your score will improve if you invest the video-watching hours necessary to improve and learn from your mistakes. Having said that, the average student who completes the course improves by 3-5 points, corresponding to a 10-20 higher percentile, based on feedback. We have, of course, seen improvements much more dramatic than this, especially among those with a lower initial Quantitative score.

  • Do you have a Verbal Course?

    Not yet! But we are hoping to add one by the end of the year.

  • Do you offer any additional practice questions/exams?

    We have found that the best way to practice the Tricks you have learnt are by completing the Official MBA.com practice exams and the (particularly accurate) practice exams provided by Veritas. Currently, we focus exclusively on teaching you the most useful Quant tricks to be found anywhere online.